About Holdex

Holdex, a manufacturer of store equipment, shelves, trolleys, stands, etc.

Holdex is a modern complex with a unique production line in the design and supply of store and warehouse equipment and the fulfillment of needs. One of the main goals of Holdex is to provide innovative, practical and diverse designs considering the details and requirements which meet customer expectations as accurately as possible. This complex is active in the field of store maintenance equipment, including various types of shelves, checkout counter, trolley, as well as warehouse equipment. Holdex counters and shelves are manufactured with distinctive features using the latest procedures and principles of modern design.

Holdex always provides solutions considering quality, beauty, and ergonomic design. To increase effectiveness and create a beautiful appearance, Holdex is always concerned with using creative methods to meet customer satisfaction in their projects. The main goals of the organization are the improvement in quality, performance, creativity, innovation and current and future customer service to achieve its highly valued mission in value creation as a leading organization.


Vision: Leading the domestic market in the refrigeration equipment industry and becoming one of the top three companies in this industry for commercial refrigerators and refrigeration equipment in the Middle East. In this regard, Frigida Company pursues the following major goals:

  • Customer and stakeholder satisfaction
  • best quality
  • creativity and innovation
  • Observance of social, environmental and economic responsibilities for achieving sustainable business


Farigida’s mission is to provide and increase customer and stakeholder satisfaction. In this regard, maintaining global standards is set as one the main organizational approach throughout the services from ideation and design to production, sales and after-sales service. Frigida has the following concerns while it seizes the opportunities and relies on creativity and innovation, considers continual improvement and quality of products and services, with an emphasis on conformity to customer expectations and legal requirements:

Respect for human dignity

  • Training, development and maintaining the health and safety of human capital
  • Respecting consumer rights and complying with legal requirements
  • Unique shopping experience

Increase in efficiency and budget

  • Market development and investing in domestic and overseas markets
  • Using up-to-date hardware and software infrastructure

Adherence to environmental regulations

  • Producing as little environmental waste as possible