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Pioneer in the Retail Store Equipment Industry

Holdex Brand

Holdex is a dynamic group of creative and motivated people who aim to supply and equip retail stores and warehouses with the best storage equipment.

Participation and Cooperation

Holdex mainly tries to use the professional experts and experienced design and consulting teams in all stages from idea generation to production to meet the customer needs.

Sense of Responsibility

The main concerns of Holdex have always been consumer rights protection, the best price offer, participation in social responsibilities and attention to environmental principles.

Creativity and Innovation

Holdex has always prioritized customer satisfaction by generating new ideas and up-to-date infrastructure and producing a wide range of store and warehouse products and equipment.

High quality is the first priority in Holdex.

The best quality raw materials are used in the Holdex products which mainly have an accurate and delicate design.

For example, following ergonomic principles, the Quad dynamic checkout counter with its special design provides its users with convenience. The engine of this product, with minimal energy loss, has a torque control system, which stops working by using the engine shut-off system immediately after the additional pressure is applied. The engine is designed to prevent the impact at the time of start and stop; therefore, it reduces the depreciation of the engine. This is just one example of the hundreds of details that have been considered in the design and production of Holdex products.

Some other features of this product are shown in the picture.


  • easily cleanable
  • large and robust frame
  • resistant against high weight

Plexi glass guard and central casing

IT installation, Hidden Wiring system, Thievery prevention

Steel belt

Round panels made of soft , shock-proof, self-extinguishing polyurethane

Electronic control panel

Electronic touch screen control panel with 2 manual or automatic mode. Emergency stop key. Alarm in case of disorder

Conveyor belt

PVC single-cloth conveyor belt

Counter front panel

Optional personalization and lightening

Some of our Beneficiaries

Companies who use the Holdex brand.