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Hansa sanitizer stand

Regards to the pandemic of COVID19, washing hands and disinfecting them regularly is one of the necessary solutions that is strongly recommended to prevent the spread of this disease. Offices, educational centers, banks and other public centers, which are the daily commute of a large number of people, need to have some special equipment which are suitable for sanitizing.

shopping cart

Shopping carts or store trolleys can be used in addition to shops in homes and parking . Holdex shopping carts with resistant body and wheels are suitable for moving loads. High weight bearing, smooth wheels, strong metal body, suitable capacity and  beautiful design are the features of this product.

Spot group.bskt stand

This product due to its structure  is the display stands of Impulse products. In terms of location in the store, this stand is usually located outside the store and in front of the Store gate . The structure of this stand consists of 4 wire baskets and a wheeled base, which makes it light weight and easy to move.

F&V Lite stand

F & V.Lite fruit stand is one of the new products of Spot in 1399. This stand is designed in a light and with dimensions suitable for placement in small spaces, and its special application is for locating freshly packaged products such as light and packaged fruits and vegetables in the store.

Trolley display

This product is among the display stands of Impulse goods, and for this reason, its best location in the store is near the check-out counter and on the customer’s shopping route.

Vigor stand

Vigor store stand is one of the store equipment in the stand group that Heldex brand has offered to its customers.

This stand can be ordered in two models, one-sided and two-sided, and is suitable for displaying all kinds of snacks. The back panel is a wired product that provides the ability to use forks.

Also, due to its light weight, it can be easily moved and in order to facilitate this, it is possible to install a wheel.

spot promotional basket

Retail stores sometimes offer  seasonal promotion, or some items are sold at a discount.

Promotional baskets are one of the best store equipment for this group of products, and with the proper use of the store space, a large number of products can be displayed in these baskets.

Spot basket discounted items in both Min and Lim models are designed and manufactured in Holdex. Adequate space for arranging a large number of products, light weight for easy movement, durable wire material with MDF tray are other features that distinguish these baskets from other similar products.

Sep bread shelf

Bread types are among the products that have a special place in the household basket, especially Iranian families.

 This group of products not only are used in specialty stores such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, etc., also offered in the special stores of this group of products, fancy bread and pastry shops.

Sep bread model is one of the bread shelves of Holdex that has a metal body and wooden floors. Durable design and easy assembly are other features that have facilitated the use of the product.

Dep bread shelf

Holdex bread shelf  is a perfect way to display fresh bread, cakes and baked goods. This type of shelves has a metal framework with wooden surface and trays.


Vimo check out counter

Holdex Vimo and has revolutionized the checkout concept in innovative manner resizing and enhancing engineering technological standards, customizing solution and compact shaping are summarized in Vimo. Moreover, It improves the flow of small and medium size purchases.

Sep F&V shelving

Fruit and vegetable stores are one of the busiest centers that receive a lots of customers every day, and therefore the proper design of the store space will help increase sales. In addition to the good display of goods, the shelves of fruits and vegetables designed for this purpose will also optimize the interior layout of the store.

Dep F&V shelving

F&V shelves provide the most effective display for fresh fruits and vegetables in retail stores. The sloping shelves are designed to contain crates and large baskets for maximum product exposure.

This product has been designed with the aim of providing the best display of fruit and vegetables. In designing this product, important factors such as convenience and ease of access to products, display and proper presentation of the product, the ability to place the product in different dimensions, beauty and ease of movement have been considered. More information about product features can be read in the Features section.