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Vimo check out counter

Holdex Vimo and has revolutionized the checkout concept in innovative manner resizing and enhancing engineering technological standards, customizing solution and compact shaping are summarized in Vimo. Moreover, It improves the flow of small and medium size purchases.

Tino store counter

The Tino store counter is one of the new products that have recently been introduced to costumers. With a custom design, this counter has separable parts that allow us to display in different modes. The front view of the counter is made of glass for displaying goods that can be ordered with metal or MDF.
There is also a special place for placing the software and hardware system.
Due to the different dimensions and the possibility of small and large size, this product is suitable for all types of stores.

Rod check out counter

ROD store check out counter with its special design, can be arranged in both right and left design. In addition, it has other special features of the store check out counter, such as accessories and the ability to connect hardware and software systems.

Vim checkout counter

Store checkout counters are smart systems designed specifically for use in a store that is equipped with a software system connected to the accounting system as well as connection to hardware such as bar code reader, printer, various smart scales, customer monitors, Simple and tactile monitors.

The Vim check-out counter is one of the products of this sub-group, which has found a special place among store check out counters. It has innovative change in the designed space, special attention to table dimensions and engineering upgrades. The basics of technology, customization strategies and compact design are the features summarized in Vim.

Quad checkout counter

The retail industry has been experiencing significant growth in the field of store equipment. Store design and arrangement of store equipment is one of the issues that is very important in attracting the audience and creating the sense of satisfaction in them.

One of the relatively new equipment in this field is the quad check out counter, which has made a big change in the field of store management by using the two sections of software and hardware.

The Quad store check out counter, with its special design that can be placed in both left and right modes, is a good choice for the store’s checkout section.