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Vigor stand

Vigor store stand is one of the store equipment in the stand group that Heldex brand has offered to its customers.

This stand can be ordered in two models, one-sided and two-sided, and is suitable for displaying all kinds of snacks. The back panel is a wired product that provides the ability to use forks.

Also, due to its light weight, it can be easily moved and in order to facilitate this, it is possible to install a wheel.

Gum stand

One of the areas in which the Holdex brand has entered professionally and with extensive studies, is the design of store equipment with a special use, which will make the most of the store space by using these products.

One of this group of equipment with special design and use is snack stands, which have been produced in Holdex collection with the aim of better displaying certain goods such as chewing gum or chocolate.

Gum stand has been produced with suitable dimensions and weight durability for this purpose.

Quad-Rod side stand

The special stand of the check-out counter is another store equipment that Holdex brand has produced using the best material and experienced experts in design.

showing small products in the vicinity of the store cash register provides a good opportunity to display the goods and at the same time provide proper control over these items. Counter side stands of Holdex have special design for this purpose and they are suitable for arranging and displaying small items such as chocolates, chewing gum, energy drinks, magazines, etc. This position creates a great opportunity for the customer to see when waiting to calculate his purchase account.

Vim counter side stand set

check out counter side stand are the functional stands that allow you to display small products with a special design. In addition to creating the right display for the customer when leaving the store, the location of these stands provides better monitoring of the product, especially small, expensive and generally impulse products for business owners.

 this product is available in two model for quad and rod check out counters.

with counter side stands, store owners can optimize designing of their store space

Encora stand

The Encora’s stand is occupied by a small space to fit in the back of the store counter.
Spending time calculating the customer’s bill is a good time to display some products in this part of the store.
With enough space for small items, this stand allows for optimal use of the space behind the store box.


In order for more safety, some products and goods available in retail stores need to be placed in a specific location and under the direct control of the seller or operator because of their high price. For this purpose, small stands with the possibility of placing on the ground or on the table should be available to sellers.
The EZhold.S1 stand is a small stand that can be placed both on the floor and on the operator’s desk. This product is designed for arranging all kinds of packaged goods as a pendant.

Stora stand

Store stands are a widely useful equipment that, due to their smaller dimensions and the possibility of placement in different parts of the store, complement the types of store shelves and affect the better arrangement of retail goods.
In addition to grocery stores, fruit and vegetable stores also need to use a variety of equipment to design their store. Therefore, special stands for fruits and vegetables can be a good option for this purpose.
These stands, with their higher weight bearing capacity, are suitable for arranging heavier goods compared to other store stands.

Plica F&V Stand

Plica stand is a new product from the special equipment group of fruit and vegetable store’s equipment. With the possibility of changing the angle of the floor, this stand provide  the best display of products  arranged on it. The bases of this stand are equipped with wheels that facilitate its movement. Also, the height of this product can be changed by using adjustable bases.
The front part of the product has a beautiful view using MDF, which can be ordered in customize color.

EZHold.L1 Stand

Holdex stands are designed and manufactured in a variety models to arrange the goods in a variety of formats.
EZHold.L1 stand is suitable for all types of batteries and products with small package hangers and is practical for all types of stores.