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Pallet trolley

pallet trolley are another practical warehouse equipment that is used to facilitate the movement of goods. This equipment is used to move goods and pallets in the warehouse. Using this product, you can move heavy goods and pallets in the warehouse without the need for a forklift or pallet jack.

Box pallet

Pallet boxes are warehouse equipment for storage and moving goods at the warehouse level, which has a wall for moving goods more safely. Holdex pallet box is made of metal with stainless steel coating and has a high weight tolerance, which is suitable for moving all kinds of goods in the warehouse. The product can be moved and transported with a forklift and a jack pallet . Using this equipment, the warehouse space can be optimized and placed on top of each other in a vertical arrangement.

OK trolley

Holdex warehouse trolleys are suitable for use in a variety of warehouses as well as e-commerce warehouses and they are produced in a variety of sizes

Special warehouse trolleys with high capacity have made it possible to move goods in large numbers and volumes. The OK warehouse trolley is one of the trolleys produced in Holdex, which is very suitable for moving bulky and heavy goods with extraordinary capacity.

4M warehouse shelf

As B2B and B2C e-commerce continue to grow, manufacturers, distributors, web merchants and others are going to be competing for more modern warehouse space.

E-commerce warehouse must support the new buying patterns and higher expectations of today’s online shoppers to improve efficiency and save on time and benefit. So warehouses need to reevaluate shipping and picking technologies to make e-commerce possible without over-extending resources by new equipment that offer more than simple storage of merchandise.

cold room shelf

E-commerce warehouse requires specific shelving solutions for refrigeration and cold rooms. In this case, the shelving units should be constructed from materials that are suitable for use in refrigerated environments and have appropriate plating to prevent rust for safety and hygiene purposes.

Cold room shelf with galvanized structure is an ideal solution for most industries using cold rooms and refrigeration warehouses

OP1 trolley

Order picking trolleys are available in a wide range of variants and dimensions. Thanks to the extensive range of accessories and the possibility of bolted or push-on design, they fit perfectly into any logistics environment and help to pick orders more quickly and more efficiently.


DK trolley

Holdex is a complex that has supplied stores and warehouses equipment. different products with various uses have made it possible for employers and store owners to equip their warehouse or store environment in the best possible way and at the same time make the best use of the available space.

Holdex warehouse trolleys are suitable for use in a variety of warehouses as well as e-commerce warehouses which are produced in a variety of sizes.

Platform trolley

Transportation of goods within the store or during delivery and unloading of goods in the warehouse requires the use of trolley. In addition to ability to move cargo in different volumes, these trolleys must have smooth wheels and easy transmission.
The small-scale platform trolley is designed and manufactured for use in retail stores compared to warehouse trolleys.

D.K.Dry Ice trolley

Holedx warehouse trolleys are designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of customers. The special dry.Ice transport trolley is made of corrosion-resistant steel and is designed with two horizontal and vertical handles in the sides in order to ability of moving easily by two people.
The interior floor of this trolley allows it to be separated from the trolley space. The wheels of the product are made of polyurethane and have a high resistance to carry the loaded product.

D.K.Log trolley

The D.K.log model trolley is specially designed for use in warehouses or distribution centers. This trolley has three floors that can be folded and the space inside the trolley can be changed according to the user’s needs. There is also a special place for installing notebooks and product order invoices on the trolley body.
The trolley wheels are made of polyurethane and have high strength and weight tolerance in both dynamic and static modes.

Trolley Ramp

Accessories are some of Holdex’s products, along with other warehouse and store products, will increase efficiency, ease of use, and ultimately increase product life. Due to the fact that the load-bearing trolleys of the warehouse are moved in a loaded manner, they need a sloping surface or ramp to cross the surfaces with a difference in height. Holdex ramp is one of the peripherals that has been produced for storage without sloping surfaces.

OP2 trolley

The OP2 warehouse trolley is another special trolley of e commerce warehouses that is spacious for arranging and collecting orders. This trolley has a special space for installing notebooks and order forms. Also, the possibility of installing stairs to this trolley is one of the features that make this product different from others . These ladders allow warehouse staff to access high-end locations.