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Pallet trolley

pallet trolley are another practical warehouse equipment that is used to facilitate the movement of goods. This equipment is used to move goods and pallets in the warehouse. Using this product, you can move heavy goods and pallets in the warehouse without the need for a forklift or pallet jack.

Box pallet

Pallet boxes are warehouse equipment for storage and moving goods at the warehouse level, which has a wall for moving goods more safely. Holdex pallet box is made of metal with stainless steel coating and has a high weight tolerance, which is suitable for moving all kinds of goods in the warehouse. The product can be moved and transported with a forklift and a jack pallet . Using this equipment, the warehouse space can be optimized and placed on top of each other in a vertical arrangement.

Trolley Ramp

Accessories are some of Holdex’s products, along with other warehouse and store products, will increase efficiency, ease of use, and ultimately increase product life. Due to the fact that the load-bearing trolleys of the warehouse are moved in a loaded manner, they need a sloping surface or ramp to cross the surfaces with a difference in height. Holdex ramp is one of the peripherals that has been produced for storage without sloping surfaces.