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back panel hook

Optimal use of store space and maximum product layout, and at the same time the best display mode, are among the points that Holdex pays special attention to, and for this purpose, it has provided a variety of accessories and accessories along with its main product.

Product hangers are among the accessories that allow you to arrange more products in the shelf and stand space.

Easy to use and install on the body, easy product access and proper weight bearing are other features of the product that have expanded its use.

Wire hook for bar

Beside of the main products of Holdex, the types of accessories have produced  that expand the use of the product.

Special bar hooks are one of these products that have made it possible to make optimal use of the front space of the shelves. This hook is produced in two models, simple and U-shaped, and has features such as the price tag installation place.

Trolley Ramp

Accessories are some of Holdex’s products, along with other warehouse and store products, will increase efficiency, ease of use, and ultimately increase product life. Due to the fact that the load-bearing trolleys of the warehouse are moved in a loaded manner, they need a sloping surface or ramp to cross the surfaces with a difference in height. Holdex ramp is one of the peripherals that has been produced for storage without sloping surfaces.