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D.K.Dry Ice trolley

Holedx warehouse trolleys are designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of customers. The special dry.Ice transport trolley is made of corrosion-resistant steel and is designed with two horizontal and vertical handles in the sides in order to ability of moving easily by two people.
The interior floor of this trolley allows it to be separated from the trolley space. The wheels of the product are made of polyurethane and have a high resistance to carry the loaded product.

TPK.A1 pick and pack trolley

Pick and pack trolley belongs to the group of special trolleys for online warehouses that send orders directly to the final customer. For this purpose, the online warehouse staffs collect several orders from the warehouse level at the same time and prepares them for packaging. pick and pack trolleys are designed and manufactured for this purpose. The TPK.A1 trolley is one of these trolleys, which has 18 boxes that allow you to collect orders separately.

OP3.OKA2 pick and pack trolley

pick and pack trolley model OP3.OKA2 with 6 boxes for placing orders separately, is suitable for online warehouses, such as distribution centers. This trolley with good weight bearing and easy movement is a good option for collecting orders from the warehouse. Also, in order to facilitate the collection of orders, it is possible to install notebook on the special place of trolley.