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IQ metal shelving

Customizing products is one of the product development strategies in Holdex, and customer requirements are satisfied by design and engineering principles which is the priorities of the holdex projects.
Holdex customers have the opportunity to order their requirement by providing a description of their needs. IO shelf with different columns from other Holdex shelves, is suitable for all type of stores that have been designed and produced in different dimensions.

Ecofix shelving

The Ecofix  shelf is another product designed and manufactured to satisfying new audience and markets of Holdex products and equipment. this products are one of the most profitable equipment that can be used in several places such as: stores,warehouse, office units, home warehouses and homes due to their simple and strong structure.
It is possible to install and separate shelf parts easily and without the use of special tools. Shelf floors can be moved and increased or decreased in number. Also, this product can be ordered in different dimensions according to the type of use.