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Breto back panel

The Breto back panel is a type of shelf back panels that design of the parts of which has made it possible to separate, assemble and install the parts easily. In order to prevent depreciation and premature erosion, the product is made of metal with the best quality and special features such as single and double side model which have made this collection an ideal product for retail stores.

Pomona2 F&V shelving

Pomona2 fruit and vegetable shelf is a new product from Holdex, which is produced in two models, single and double floor. The front of the shelf is made of MDF for more beauty, the color of which can be changed according to the customer’s want.

This product has been designed and produced with the aim of providing the best fresh products for fruit and vegetable stores. In designing this product, important factors such as comfort and ease of access to products, display and proper presentation of goods and the ability to place the product in different dimensions.More over product beauty have been considered. More information about product can be found below

IQ metal shelving

Customizing products is one of the product development strategies in Holdex, and customer requirements are satisfied by design and engineering principles which is the priorities of the holdex projects.
Holdex customers have the opportunity to order their requirement by providing a description of their needs. IO shelf with different columns from other Holdex shelves, is suitable for all type of stores that have been designed and produced in different dimensions.