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Sep bread shelf

Bread types are among the products that have a special place in the household basket, especially Iranian families.

 This group of products not only are used in specialty stores such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, etc., also offered in the special stores of this group of products, fancy bread and pastry shops.

Sep bread model is one of the bread shelves of Holdex that has a metal body and wooden floors. Durable design and easy assembly are other features that have facilitated the use of the product.

Dep bread shelf

Holdex bread shelf  is a perfect way to display fresh bread, cakes and baked goods. This type of shelves has a metal framework with wooden surface and trays.


Vimo check out counter

Holdex Vimo and has revolutionized the checkout concept in innovative manner resizing and enhancing engineering technological standards, customizing solution and compact shaping are summarized in Vimo. Moreover, It improves the flow of small and medium size purchases.

OP1 trolley

Order picking trolleys are available in a wide range of variants and dimensions. Thanks to the extensive range of accessories and the possibility of bolted or push-on design, they fit perfectly into any logistics environment and help to pick orders more quickly and more efficiently.


DK trolley

Holdex is a complex that has supplied stores and warehouses equipment. different products with various uses have made it possible for employers and store owners to equip their warehouse or store environment in the best possible way and at the same time make the best use of the available space.

Holdex warehouse trolleys are suitable for use in a variety of warehouses as well as e-commerce warehouses which are produced in a variety of sizes.

Sep F&V shelving

Fruit and vegetable stores are one of the busiest centers that receive a lots of customers every day, and therefore the proper design of the store space will help increase sales. In addition to the good display of goods, the shelves of fruits and vegetables designed for this purpose will also optimize the interior layout of the store.

Dep F&V shelving

F&V shelves provide the most effective display for fresh fruits and vegetables in retail stores. The sloping shelves are designed to contain crates and large baskets for maximum product exposure.

This product has been designed with the aim of providing the best display of fruit and vegetables. In designing this product, important factors such as convenience and ease of access to products, display and proper presentation of the product, the ability to place the product in different dimensions, beauty and ease of movement have been considered. More information about product features can be read in the Features section.

End cap of shelf

Optimal use of store space is a very important issue that should be considered in the field of store supply and equipment. Designing and arranging shelves and other store equipment is one of the most important equipment in this regard. For this purpose, it is necessary to have different types of shelves in different dimensions, shapes and applications for store layout.

Holdex, taking into account these issues and the importance of optimizing the space of the store, has placed various types of shelves with different uses in its product group.

The first and last part of the shelves, especially the shelves that are placed in the middle of the store, is a good space to show a group of special products because they have enough visual vision and very good access .

Min & Lim metal shelf

The store shelf is one of the products of Holdex brand, which has been produced for all type of supermarkets and retail stores.

Due to the widespread use of various types of shelves in retail stores, including groceries, clothing, pharmacies, etc., the design of different models is necessary according to its applications.

The single-side shelf of Min model is one of this products that is used in all types of retail stores, including supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, etc., with its durable body and beautiful design. This shelf can also be ordered in double side model and end cap shelf. Shelf floors can be moved, increased and decreased, so products of different sizes can be arranged on the shelf.

Gum stand

One of the areas in which the Holdex brand has entered professionally and with extensive studies, is the design of store equipment with a special use, which will make the most of the store space by using these products.

One of this group of equipment with special design and use is snack stands, which have been produced in Holdex collection with the aim of better displaying certain goods such as chewing gum or chocolate.

Gum stand has been produced with suitable dimensions and weight durability for this purpose.

Quad-Rod side stand

The special stand of the check-out counter is another store equipment that Holdex brand has produced using the best material and experienced experts in design.

showing small products in the vicinity of the store cash register provides a good opportunity to display the goods and at the same time provide proper control over these items. Counter side stands of Holdex have special design for this purpose and they are suitable for arranging and displaying small items such as chocolates, chewing gum, energy drinks, magazines, etc. This position creates a great opportunity for the customer to see when waiting to calculate his purchase account.

Shelf panel

In order to increase customer satisfaction and complete its range of products, Holdex brand has included all kinds of accessories in its products. This group of products are complementary to other products such as shelves and stands.

, Using shelf panel not only provides better product guidance ,also simplifies the management of different parts of the store. Customers take a quick look at the product specifications panel at the top of the shelf, get the main product-related information, and reduce the volume of visits to store staffs.

Also, items such as the introduction of new brands, the announcement of periodic and seasonal discounts, and other such items can be written on the board.