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Wire basket

The wire basket is made for store shelving available in two sizes, large and small, alone or next to a set of Holdex shelves.

Easy access and easy installation on the shelf are the features of this product that have facilitated its use. Also, the interior of the floor can be separated in order to make the best use of space and layout of different goods using a floor separator.

back panel hook

Optimal use of store space and maximum product layout, and at the same time the best display mode, are among the points that Holdex pays special attention to, and for this purpose, it has provided a variety of accessories and accessories along with its main product.

Product hangers are among the accessories that allow you to arrange more products in the shelf and stand space.

Easy to use and install on the body, easy product access and proper weight bearing are other features of the product that have expanded its use.

Wire hook for bar

Beside of the main products of Holdex, the types of accessories have produced  that expand the use of the product.

Special bar hooks are one of these products that have made it possible to make optimal use of the front space of the shelves. This hook is produced in two models, simple and U-shaped, and has features such as the price tag installation place.

Breto back panel

The Breto back panel is a type of shelf back panels that design of the parts of which has made it possible to separate, assemble and install the parts easily. In order to prevent depreciation and premature erosion, the product is made of metal with the best quality and special features such as single and double side model which have made this collection an ideal product for retail stores.

Vim counter side stand set

check out counter side stand are the functional stands that allow you to display small products with a special design. In addition to creating the right display for the customer when leaving the store, the location of these stands provides better monitoring of the product, especially small, expensive and generally impulse products for business owners.

 this product is available in two model for quad and rod check out counters.

with counter side stands, store owners can optimize designing of their store space

4M store shelving

Due to the widespread use of shelves in retail stores, it is necessary to have different types and models to meet the customer’s requirement.
The 4M store shelf has been introduced to the market with the development of products in the field of increasing weight tolerance and product capacity.
This product can be ordered in single or double side model, and provides a very suitable space for store owners to arrange the goods.

Platform trolley

Transportation of goods within the store or during delivery and unloading of goods in the warehouse requires the use of trolley. In addition to ability to move cargo in different volumes, these trolleys must have smooth wheels and easy transmission.
The small-scale platform trolley is designed and manufactured for use in retail stores compared to warehouse trolleys.

Encora stand

The Encora’s stand is occupied by a small space to fit in the back of the store counter.
Spending time calculating the customer’s bill is a good time to display some products in this part of the store.
With enough space for small items, this stand allows for optimal use of the space behind the store box.

Pomona2 F&V shelving

Pomona2 fruit and vegetable shelf is a new product from Holdex, which is produced in two models, single and double floor. The front of the shelf is made of MDF for more beauty, the color of which can be changed according to the customer’s want.

This product has been designed and produced with the aim of providing the best fresh products for fruit and vegetable stores. In designing this product, important factors such as comfort and ease of access to products, display and proper presentation of goods and the ability to place the product in different dimensions.More over product beauty have been considered. More information about product can be found below

Pomona1 f&v shelving

Pomona1 fruit and vegetable shelves are designed  in different types of: single side, double side and watermelon shelves. single side shelves with parallel layout and header at the beginning of them, double side shelves are arranged as an island.
Pomona watermelon shelf is also produced with one-sided arrangement and high weight bearing for heavy products such as watermelon, melon and other fruits of this group. Also, in order to provide the best display, special steps have been considered for product layout. These stairs can be ordered in different numbers according to the customer’s needs.

D.K.Dry Ice trolley

Holedx warehouse trolleys are designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of customers. The special dry.Ice transport trolley is made of corrosion-resistant steel and is designed with two horizontal and vertical handles in the sides in order to ability of moving easily by two people.
The interior floor of this trolley allows it to be separated from the trolley space. The wheels of the product are made of polyurethane and have a high resistance to carry the loaded product.

D.K.Log trolley

The D.K.log model trolley is specially designed for use in warehouses or distribution centers. This trolley has three floors that can be folded and the space inside the trolley can be changed according to the user’s needs. There is also a special place for installing notebooks and product order invoices on the trolley body.
The trolley wheels are made of polyurethane and have high strength and weight tolerance in both dynamic and static modes.