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for more safety, some products and goods which are available in retail stores, need to be placed in a specific location and under the direct control of the seller or operator because of their high price. For this purpose, small stands with the possibility of placing on the ground or on the table, should be used in stores.
The EZhold.S1 stand is a small stand that can be placed both on the floor and on the operator’s desk. This product is designed for arranging all kinds of small packaged goods.

IQ metal shelving

Customizing products is one of the product development strategies in Holdex, and customer requirements are satisfied by design and engineering principles which is the priorities of the holdex projects.
Holdex customers have the opportunity to order their requirement by providing a description of their needs. IO shelf with different columns from other Holdex shelves, is suitable for all type of stores that have been designed and produced in different dimensions.

Drug.d1 shelf

Holdex products can be used in a variety of retail stores with a variety of types and scope of use. In addition, some Holdex products are designed and manufactured specifically for use in specific centers, such as pharmacies. The Drug.d1 model shelf is designed to fit several drawers. With this product, a significant number of goods can be arranged in different parts and separately.
The body and drawers of the product are made of MDF and in addition to the beautiful appearance, it also has high resistance.

Trolley Ramp

Accessories are some of Holdex’s products, along with other warehouse and store products, will increase efficiency, ease of use, and ultimately increase product life. Due to the fact that the load-bearing trolleys of the warehouse are moved in a loaded manner, they need a sloping surface or ramp to cross the surfaces with a difference in height. Holdex ramp is one of the peripherals that has been produced for storage without sloping surfaces.

Stora stand

Store stands are a widely useful equipment that, due to their smaller dimensions and the possibility of placement in different parts of the store, complement the types of store shelves and affect the better arrangement of retail goods.
In addition to grocery stores, fruit and vegetable stores also need to use a variety of equipment to design their store. Therefore, special stands for fruits and vegetables can be a good option for this purpose.
These stands, with their higher weight bearing capacity, are suitable for arranging heavier goods compared to other store stands.

Plica F&V Stand

Plica stand is a new product from the special equipment group of fruit and vegetable store’s equipment. With the possibility of changing the angle of the floor, this stand provide  the best display of products  arranged on it. The bases of this stand are equipped with wheels that facilitate its movement. Also, the height of this product can be changed by using adjustable bases.
The front part of the product has a beautiful view using MDF, which can be ordered in customize color.

OP2 trolley

The OP2 warehouse trolley is another special trolley of e commerce warehouses that is spacious for arranging and collecting orders. This trolley has a special space for installing notebooks and order forms. Also, the possibility of installing stairs to this trolley is one of the features that make this product different from others . These ladders allow warehouse staff to access high-end locations.

Act trolley

Act Warehouse Trolley is a new product from storage equipment group. The large size of warehouse trolleys makes it possible to store a large number of bulky goods. On the other hand, it is sometimes necessary to move small goods in these trolleys. The Act model trolley has dense wire walls that prevent from falling small products.
Equipping warehouse trolleys with a roof will increase their capacity and make optimal use of their vertical space.

Tino store counter

The Tino store counter is one of the new products that have recently been introduced to costumers. With a custom design, this counter has separable parts that allow us to display in different modes. The front view of the counter is made of glass for displaying goods that can be ordered with metal or MDF.
There is also a special place for placing the software and hardware system.
Due to the different dimensions and the possibility of small and large size, this product is suitable for all types of stores.

Min.A shelving

Min.A store shelving is one of the products that has been produced due to its extensive use in all types of stores. The Min.A Shelf, with its less base depth than other models, is perfect for mounting on the back of the counter or store checkout counter.
Beautiful design and good capacity are other features that have increased productivity.

Ecofix shelving

The Ecofix  shelf is another product designed and manufactured to satisfying new audience and markets of Holdex products and equipment. this products are one of the most profitable equipment that can be used in several places such as: stores,warehouse, office units, home warehouses and homes due to their simple and strong structure.
It is possible to install and separate shelf parts easily and without the use of special tools. Shelf floors can be moved and increased or decreased in number. Also, this product can be ordered in different dimensions according to the type of use.

TPK.A1 pick and pack trolley

Pick and pack trolley belongs to the group of special trolleys for online warehouses that send orders directly to the final customer. For this purpose, the online warehouse staffs collect several orders from the warehouse level at the same time and prepares them for packaging. pick and pack trolleys are designed and manufactured for this purpose. The TPK.A1 trolley is one of these trolleys, which has 18 boxes that allow you to collect orders separately.